Things To Know About Islam and The Quran

In this article we’ll be sharing information about the wonderful religion known as Islam as well as some of the more warming facts about the religion you may not have known about.

Understanding Islam

  • Muslim men are allowed to marry girls as young as 1 year old, and are allowed to suck the tongues of boys who haven’t grown a beard.
  • Sharia Law allows for death by stoning for independent women and child pedophilia.
  • Islam allows for Islamic men to have as many as 4 wives.
  • Muslims are allowed, and commanded by the Qur’an to lie and use deception to accomplish their goals.
  • “Islam” translates to “Submit”.
  • If Muslim witness another Muslim raping a non-Muslim girl, their religion allows the witness to lie to protect the Muslim.
  • Muslims are ordered by the Qur’an to kill Jews.
  • Muslims are also ordered not to befriend Jews or Christians.
  • Muslims feel they have a right to kill anyone who is against Islam. They consider it self-defense.
  • Islam forbids adoption. They love children. Mohammed made up the rules as he went. He banned adoption because he wanted to have sex with his son-in-law’s daughter.
  • The unholy Qur’an commands Muslims to attack and fight non Muslims. Learn More
  • Due to the insecurity of the Islamic Cult, religious materials other than the Qur’an are illegal under Islamic Shariah Law.
  • The reason why Islam is the fastest growing religion is because punishment for leaving the religion is death. This justification and order to murder is commanded by the Qur’an.
  • Some people believe Mohammed wrote the Qur’an while high on drugs.
  • Muslims have filmed many videos of themselves cutting off people’s heads. They also think highly of Adolf Hitler, and why shouldn’t they? They are commanded to kill Jews just as Hitler did.
  • The Islamic faith is fine with child sex slavery.

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