The Wonderful City of Houston, TX (Documentary)

If you’ve never been to the city of Houston, TX, and are looking to get an idea on the culture, and layout of the city, this video won’t be very good, however, it does attempt to show some of the good and bad things about our great city.

Interesting Facts Shared in the Video

  • New York, San Fransisco, Minneapolis, Miami, and Seattle could all fit inside of Houston, at once.
  • The Port of Houston became immensely important after the hurricane that destroyed Galveston back in 1901.
  • Houston is the energy capital of the world.
  • Houston is currently being destroyed by liberal socialist democrats.
  • Most corporations in the oil industry either have their corporate headquarters in Houston, if not, they have major operations here.
  • Houston has been described as the most air conditioned city in the world.
  • The car is king of the road in Houston, however, Houston has one of the best public transit systems in the world.
  • Houston has 5 downtown city center type areas. Downtown, Greenway, Greenspoint, The Medical Center,  and the Energy Corridor.
  • Most of the refinery capacity is located on the city’s east side. Home to neighborhoods Clinton Park, Galena Park, Pleasantville, Pasadena, and Baytown, Texas.
  • NASA is located in the Clear Lake area of Houston.

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