PCP Cases in Houston, TX (Sad Video)

PCP is a drug that a user can take as a pill, liquified or in powder form. It’s referred to as water, wet, dip, killuminati, fry and others. In Texas and more so Houston, the drug is illegal. When a user uses this drug, he becomes rebellious, agitated and very strong. The police and the FBI work hand in hand to ensure that no one engages in the criminal activity or illegal possession of this drug.

The seizing of 57 gallons of PCP

In the year 2010, the police in Houston seized 57 gallons of PCP in a location that they could not disclose to the public due to security reasons. Nine people were arrested during the operation. This was according to Stan Furce who is the director of Houston’s High Intensity Drug Traffic Area. He further went on to say that, the federal investigation department and the police were working on other similar cases and were closing in on another big catch.

According to the police, 57 gallons of PCP was worth a lot of money and had the criminals succeeded, the drugs would be sold in and around the state of Texas. During their trials several weeks later, the defendants pleaded guilty and the federal magistrate sentenced them to ten years in prison each.

Because of this, the authorities started an operation dubbed “operation scratch off” whose main aim was to weed out all the PCP drug barons in the state of Texas especially in Texas. The director of investigations also urged the citizens to report any PCP dealers in the streets. This would help the police eradicate the problem of drug abuse especially among youths in the state.


PCP is a drug that a user can inhale in powder form or take it as a pill. The drug is illegal in Houston and Texas as a whole. The authorities there are strict and when convicted, you may end up serving a jail term of more than ten years.

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