Month: April 2014

Expert Witnesses in Personal Injury Litigation

Below is a snippet that is high informative and directly related to expert witnesses that may cooperate in court cases involving personal injury litigation.

Due to the nature of the information shared, felt compelled to link to it for the benefit of our readers insight.

Why Are Expert Witnesses Important in Personal Injury Cases?

All personal injury cases involve issues of liability, proof, damages and evidence that will require expert testimony and witnesses.  In all personal injury cases, it is critical that all of the expert witnesses agree on the elements of liability, causation and damages in order for the plaintiff to be awarded and collect compensation for his or her injuries.

The Only Criminal Attorney in Houston Who Helped

Once upon a time, my brother was arrested for the unlawful carrying of a firearm in an affluent area in west Houston named River Oaks. As a young man in Houston, from the barrio, he is a prime suspect for racial profiling as is the case in most urban areas, major cities,  and places where they “don’t belong”.gun-crime

That’s what the cop said to my brother, he “didn’t belong” in River Oaks.

It seems to me to be quite suspicious that the cop stopped by brother for being “brown” rather than for him committing a criminal offense in the first place.

Low and behold he had a firearm in his vehicle so racial profiling or not, a crime had been committed, or had it?

Thanks to the lawyer we found online, it was found that the officer had no good reason for stopping my brother, and that his search of the vehicle, and seizure of the property, was unfounded.